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6 Definate Ways To Increase Comments On Your Blogger Posts

A successful blog has many factors that makes it a hit.One of the most important factor is the number of comments the blog receives.Personally I crave for comments as I like to read the reviews that I receive from my readers.Also page rank is dependent on comments.So comments are an integral part of any blog.Relating number comments to blogs success is very easy.

If you are one of those who keep providing your readers with quality content but then too your comment numbers are low , then you need to follow certain steps that we will be discussing soon.Readers seem to comment only when your blog appeals to them.You need to make your readers comfortable and make them feel at ease.The ways that have been given below will help you achieve this with 100% certainty from my side.

1. Check Blogger Comments Settings :

Most of the times , solution to a problem lies in the problem itself.Its no different in this case.If you configure your blogger settings according to your readers choice then your readers will find it easier to comment on your blog.
There are two basic settings that you need to change / modify : 
[A] Enable Anonymous Comments 
Navigate to Blogger > Posts and Comments  . Now under comments section , look for Who can comment and put a dot on Anyone.This will make sure that all your readers are able to comment on your blog.No user will be left out because of not having a google account or something like that.This will increase spam comments so you have to make sure these comments find a place in your trash bin before they affect the bounce rate.

[B] Disable Captcha 
Navigate to Blogger > Posts and Comments .Under Comments section look for Show word verification and select No from the drop down box.Captcha can often make it difficult to for a reader to comment as he or she might find it difficult to identify the word and hence they would avoid commenting.After this setting change you will see a considerable change in your comment numbers. 

2. Thank Your Fellow Readers Who Comment 

The three magic words Thankyou , sorry and welcome play a vital role in real life and in blogsphere to.Blogger has introduced threaded comments which will help you reply to your readers comment in a organised way.When you thank them for their comment you make them feel important.Also it helps them understand how valuable their comment was for you.This gentle gesture from your side makes them feel better and thus they feel like commenting more and more on your blogs.Thus you have achieved your target.

3. Make Deliberate Mistakes

A popular proverb in Hindi says that when you can't remove ghee with a straight finger you need to bend it.Make deliberate mistakes to grab your readers attentions.This will make him feel a bit better about himself and to your surprise he might just drop in a comment and make you rectify your mistake.At the end of the day results are more important than the path taken.

4. Ask For Their Comments 

At the end of your blog post, always ask the reader to leave a comment. It’s like telling someone a story and then saying, “Well, what do you think?”

I recommend that you write a customized comment request statement at the end of each blog post. Rather than writing a generic statement (“Post your comments below”), be specific. Write a unique comment request based on the blog post content.

5. Show Readers Where Others Are Talking:

Although not every reader will want to start a discussion, most will be more than happy to join in on an existing one.  With the Recent Comments Widget for Blogger, readers will be able to see a list of the most recent comments in your sidebar. Coming Soon ... 

6. Make A Friend Circle : 

A friend in need is a friend indeed.A blogging friend can help you make up in many ways.Whenever you find your blog is deficient in commets just inform your friends and they will help you increase your comments., however due to the confinement of space it will be impossible to mention all of you. So inshort ask your friends to comment on your blog in tough times.You can repay their favor by leaving a comment on their blogs. 

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