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How to Get MultiWindow On any Android Smartphone

Multi-Window on your Android device

Hey guys we are  back with a guide for the awesome xposed module to get you the experience of multi-window on any android 4.1+ device. So buckle up and get ready for the ride.
Android device with android version 4.1+
Xposed Installer [DOWNLOAD]
XHaloFloatingWindow [DOWNLOAD]
Sidebar lite/pro [HERE]
Make sure your device is rooted
Now download and install Xposed Installer and XHalofloatingwindow from above link
Now open xposed installer and select install from framework tab , grant root access when asked for
Install Xhalo Floating window either from the Download Tab or from apk
Goto Modules tab and check XHaloFloatingWindow and reboot
After reboot install Sidebar app, launch it and configure according to your needs
Then Launch xhalofloatingwindow app and
now select launch xposed installer app from options , now choose the app you want to use for multi-window and resize it accordingly
Now Open the Sidebar and launch an app , it will launch in a re-sizable window if you have the re-sizable option checked
You can drag and resize windows according to your needs just press and hold the blue triangle at the bottom-left corner of the screen
To close a window tap on it and press back button till it closes
Slightly Alternate method:  
Use Floating Notifications instead of a sidebar app.
Floating Notifications is a pro app but has inbuilt xhalofloatingwindow support and is more convenient than sidebar apps. Floating notifications and Xhalofloatingwindow fully mimic Paranoid android’s Halo .
Slightly Alternate method 2: 
[From Varun , our resident tasker guru]
Basically there are certain problems to use mult-window on daily basis as multi-window disappears at screen off & there is no easy way to open apps in HALO window.
• 1st Download shake2lock profile of Tasker from below and restore it in Tasker by importing it.
After importing place back button till u get to home screen.
• When you have opened multi-window and you want to switch the screen off shake the phone with moderate intensity for 4 times . And also install the app from the link . When you unlock your phone all floating window will b there and will not disappear.
• Download Bubble launcher install it and go to settings> security > administrator make bubble launcher device administrator .  Choose your favorite apps and and start it . Swipe down to get the selected app list and open the apps by clicking it ….hurray all the apps will be opened in halo .
shake2lock – HERE
rovo89- for xposed framework
zst123- for xhalofloatingwindow

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