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Awesome Lockscreens For Android

Lock screen alternatives for your Android

Android phones allow you to customize nearly everything to fit your preferences. We have already discussed launchers previously. Today we’ll show you four alternatives that have impressive designs and valuable features that will have you getting more out of your lock screen.
cover teaser


This lockscreen brings context-based information to the lock screen, meaning the right content and settings at the right time. This is reminiscent of Google Now and for the most part works quite similarly. By entering your home address and workplace, the lock screen will know when to switch between private and work mode. Depending on the situation, it shows matching apps as shortcuts. This works because the launcher is capable of learning and adapts to particular usage patterns. In addition to being able to automatically switch between settings and shortcuts, Cover also offers simplified access to recently used apps by swiping downwards from the top screen border.
Download HERE.
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One of the most eye-catching lockscreen alternatives from the Play Store is Start. The lock screen app provides quick access to any app, either via a ring menu to unlock or small tabs spread out on the right or left sides of the screen. By pulling each one out, this brings content into focus, such as galleries, feed reader, weather or Google Search. Also, the volume profile can be changed directly using the slider.
start lockscreen
The lock screen app also displays date, time and battery levels. A shortcut provides quick access to settings allowing the user to customize its look and functions at will. Start  is free and in addition to the normal theme, a dark theme is available.
Download HERE.

Ubuntu Lockscreen

There had been talks about a mobile operating system from Ubuntu called Ubuntu Touch, but it never really caught on. If you still want at least a tiny hint of Ubuntu on your smartphone, you can install the Ubuntu Lockscreen. It has a ring menu that will display notifications, and by swiping from top to bottom, you’ll see date, time and battery status.
androidpit ubuntu lockscreen
Swiping from right to left presents shortcuts to apps which can be set up by the user individually beforehand. Even a music player can be displayed on the lock screen, since the security options are currently only a password or PIN. So, even when swiping from left to right, the display will remain unlocked.

UnlockYourBrain – vocabulary and math training

We look at the lockscreen so many times. Wouldn’t it make sense to combine these almost subconscious compulsions with something meaningful? UnlockYourBrain is a lockscreen alternative made to keep your brain fit by having you solve math problems and do some vocabulary training.
The vocabulary or math exercises loaded onto the lock screen can naturally be skipped in case you get stumped. The potential found in this lock screen is great though. Repetition is the mother of retention and by constantly viewing vocabulary and calculation methods, this will slowly but surely start to sink in, keeping your brain from turning into mush.
androidpit unlockyourbrain lockscreen
 NiLS Notifications Lock Screen by Roymam
NiLS is aimed at power users who like to be able to see all their notifications with as little hassle as possible. It is highly functional, highly customizable, and very easy to use.
The main reason to get NiLS is if you want to be able to see all your notifications in one place without even having to unlock your screen. The app not only supports stock apps, but any app that uses standard notifications. Essentially, if an app notification appears in the Android notifications bar, then its notifications will appear within NiLS.
The other great thing about NiLS is that it is highly customizable. It allows you to change almost everything including clock size, notifications size, text color, opacity, and so on.

 Dynamic Lock Screen by Predicted Media
dynamic_lock_screen_2 dynamic_lockscreen_screenshot_1
Dynamic Lock Screen also allows for maximum customization, but it takes a little bit of a different route. Instead of displaying notifications, Dynamic Lock Screen displays things like widgets, news feeds, and even apps directly from your lock screen.
You can even customize the background picture of your lock screen and even play sounds from your lock screen. Furthermore, Dynamic Lock Screen has a sidebar that is able to access SMS, call logs and weather.
For most people, the reason to get Dynamic Lock Screen would be to be able to access apps from the lock screen itself, as well as to display news and RSS feeds from your lock screen.

Hidden Lock by Marinelli.Tv

Is your main concern for your lock screen security rather than functionality? Well if so, then Hidden Lock might be the best option for you.
Hidden Lock essentially takes a snapshot of what your screen looked like before you turned it off, so when you turn your device on it looks like there’s no lock screen at all. Anyone with malicious intent will be frustrated because they won’t be able to access any of your apps. In reality you will set a location for the unlock button, which will be hidden after you set it.
It is important to note that this will only stop people from accessing your device for a short while, and eventually they might figure it out. You should also make sure you remember exactly where you put the unlock button so that you can access your own device!

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