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How to Root XOLO X910

There are no good drivers for Xolo available.

Yes there are no drivers from Xolo available. When we try to find drivers in their website, we will be redirected to the Intel android drivers' page. So we do not have much choice. We have to use the driver from Intel. There are two versions of it. (1.1.4 and 1.1.5). They claim that 1.1.4 works on windows 7 and lower,; 1.1.5 works on windows 8, and windows 8.1 has no support.

But I am using 1.1.4 for windows 8.1 successfully. I don't who or what is wrong at Intel Inc. The thing I have to say to you for now is that, Download both of them, and try both of them. There is a very good chance, that one of them will work.

Even with the Intel drivers, and USB debugging enabled, adb doesn't work.

Yes it didn't work for me, and it won't be a surprise it if doesn't for any other owner of Xolo Intel mobile phone. I checked almost all mobile and android forums, xda too, but all I have is bits and peices about why it does, and doesn't work. Some guy in the facebook, commented on a root request post, that he was able to have his adb recognize his mobile.

The thing is for most of the Xolo Intel phones, the "adb devices" command comes up with an empty list of devices attached even when we connect the mobile.

Here is the solution, worked for me. I don't know if it works for you. But, this method of making your drivers to recognize your mobile does not harm or brick your mobile in any way. I actually tried checking for the solution in intel forum, and ended up me giving them, the solution.

the method I am posting here is the exact copy as in the intel QA page.

1. Install 1.1.4 drivers.

2. Connect mobile, Open device manager, it shows "Android Phone" with exclamatory mark!

3.Right click and open properties.Go to Details tab. In "property" select hardware id's. Remember the VID and PID. Xolo's VID for mine is 1D91, and my PID is AABC.

4. Open the intel drivers folder in program files. and open the *.ini file, replace VID 8087 (this is for Orange San Diego, intel needs to change that) with your VID, and also your PID.

5. You need to save those files, with admin previliges its possible.

6. Now remove and connect Mobile. Go to device manager. You may or may not see any changes. Right click and click update. Select Browse from my computer, and then Let me pick, you'll have 3 options "ADB", "Bootloader", "Composite", choose according to your use. After the update is success, restart everything.

7. Now possibly the adb devices command may show "List of devices attached" with empty list. If it shows your mobile ID, no problem. If it does'nt, then go to, "C:\Users\user_name\.android" folder, create a file named "adb_usb.ini" and type and save "0x1D91" in that file. it is the VID in hex . If you have a different VID use it.

8. I believe you then will be able to use your mobile in debugging. I did. I hope you do too. If its a success, please contact me.

So, I believe in one way or another, with one driver or another, you have success, using "adb devices" showing your device.

And the final problem, root your mobile, and/or move apps to SD card.

I did not find any rooting procedures for Intel XOLO X910 on internet. I've found some for X900, which I thought woudn't for me. And another one in xda forums, for X500. This rooting procedure does not involve, unlocking bootloader, installing new custom recovery, or flashing a new rom.

What this method does is, it pushes the su file into /system/xbin/ of your mobile.

The program I used is called the Cydia Impactor, they claim on their page that they use, the Master key exploit of the android, so it will work on 99% of the mobiles, well I got lucky I rooted my mobile. You can download the software from their page( around 11MB).


After downloading the software (assuming you adb works), just extract it,connect your mobile, open the Impactor executable, and click the start button. Done, the su is pushed into xbin. And voila, you are rooted.

But beware, this is x86 architecture, so if you try to install ARM only apps like busybox, chainfire 3D or some other cool ****, you may brick your mobile, (bootloop or bootanimation loop). Some have bricked them already, so do not do that. Atleast I suggest you don't.

How to move apps from Internal to External SD Card

In this category, I need some answers. Usually swapping, internal and external SD cards is a matter changing paths and labels in vold.fstab file. But unfortunately my mobile (IMO all intel mobiles) have three of those files. Named vold, voldeinternal and voldexternal, with the same extension fstab. I didn't try to edit any of them.

What I did try is "FolderMount". My main concern is about games larger than 1GB. So I place them on external SD Card and then mount them to either sdcard/android/data or sdcard/android/obb, so that I can play the game. I need suggestion for any improvements.

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  1. hey can you help me root my Xolo x910 too?

    II cannot find the *.ini file you told to modify in the Intel Android Usb driver folder
    i can only find android_winusb.inf, gadget_multi.inf, gserial.inf, intelmtp.inf and rndis.inf files
    i changed these files and replaced the VID and PIDs with my device's, but still the Cydia Impactor says no device connected
    What am i doing wrong?

  2. For installing apps in external sd card without root just install nova launcher and on homescreen long press and u will get a menu in it select shortcuts and in it select activities and select primary storage a wigdet will appear on homescreen and click on it and select sd card asprimary storage

  3. Is there any custom rom available for xolo x910?


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