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7 Quick Tips To Make Your Blog StandOut

When google bought Blogger it was very new in the internet world.The features were limited and also the money earning capacities were limited.People were yet to discover the hidden potential of a blog.Blogger has reached a whole new level.People are familiar with the term blog.Authors have been using it to publish their articles .Mom's have been using it to share there recepies  with the world.A school going boy now uses a blog as his personal diary or to share his poems.Adsense helps these people monetize their blogs hence encouraging them to blog.Adsense is not the only way of earning in a blog.

There are several other methods to make a living out of a blog.Thus people get introduced to blogger and start making some cash.Increasing the competition that a blogger will receive.Its a fight to survival.In these circumstances there a few factors that will make your blog standout.We have jolted down the 7 best and quick ways.

Concentrating On Your Niche 

When we treat our blog as a company , you will start thinking of a topic to write on.The best way to choose a niche would be by listing down all the possibilities and then think over them.Choose the one niche that you will be comfortable with.Once you choose a niche be sure to stick to it.Many bloggers tend to defocus from their niches , making their blog a cluster of various categories.Hence just concentrate on your topic ,which will keep the reader interested.

Use Of Affirmative Words

Like in an interview , candidates are supposed to be diplomatic and good looking.Their answers are important but the way they present is more important.While writing articles the one thing you should do is reduce the number of negative words you use.You could replace a "no" with "un".

For example , 
Ex - 1 You should not support piracy 
Ex - 2 You should avoid supporting piracy

In example 1 we have used the word "no" which marks a negative thought in the readers mind.We have replaced it with avoid in the second example making a positive impact in the readers mind.If you think it is of little importance , please rethink as a psychological impact is more important then anything. 

Carrying A Positive Attitude 

How would you feel when a shopkeeper talks rudely to you.Would you like to shop again from there ? The answer is a certain no.The same applies to a author.You as a author should always carry a positive attitude.Your positive attitude should reflect in your comments and your posts.You can reply to a harsh comment in a positive way and also should be optimistic in your posts.This helps create a friendly atmosphere. 

A Proper Blog Design 

Looks are something that will either break you or make you.Selecting a template is very important.A clustered blog will always fail to impress its visitors.To have a powerful impact on a readers mind you should make sure your design is not too much or too little.To explain it  further , the three points are discussed as follows.

  • Use of white spaces
  • Avoid too many advertisements
  • A dedicated social media space
  • Intelligently spacing advertisements.

Use Of Graphics 

Almost every blog uses a readmore script.Hence supporting your post with a good looking graphic is more important.A 100k words matches one image.Hence focus on making quality graphics.Here are a 2 sites that will help you achieve the same .
  • Vector Characters - Free vector characters 
  • PSD Files - Free PSD files for designing 

Revelant Widgets

Making the optimum use of your blog is very important.There are several widgets providing tutorial for your blog.However choosing the one's that are really important for your blog is very necessary.Uncessary filling up your sidebar with nom-revelant widgets makes your blog look a mess.As discussed earlier we should use blank spaces.

A Blog's Heart - Content 

All the above points are useless if your blog lacks content quality.A blog has no meaning if it lacks in content.Hence make sure you decorate your blog around your content.Readers will only be attracted when you have some quality content.Stress on this factor to really make your blog a success. 

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