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How to get success in Blogging

What Is A Successful Blog? 

There are many articles on the internet that state that following their ways will help you get your blog successful. But have you ever wondered what a successful blog is? Don’t you think it’s the first question that must come to your mind before you down and start working on your blog? If you haven’t thought of it as of yet, don’t worry and let this article be your guide.
Factors that decides the success of a blog

  • Daily traffic should not be less that 5 thousand. Remember this is the least traffic that asuccessful blog has.
  • You blog should earn nothing less 25$ per month using either adsense or self served ads.
  • You should have a good response rate i.e comments should be an integral part of your posts.
  • The last but not the least, the number of loyal visitors. Because these are the visitors who will promote your blog to the max

Once you have read the points, compare them with your blog’s stats. Where do you stand. You might be far away , and it will hurt you. But this isn’t the time to be hurt it’s the time to stand up and deliver.Be disciplined and never let your hardwork intensity decrease.

Want Your Blog To Be Successful ? Ready Your Mind For It 

A dialogue form a Bollywood movie state’s

Success ke peeche mat bhago, kabil bano, success tao jhak marke ayegi!!!!!

The literal translation means don’t run behind success, be capable and success has to come to you!
Now what does that have to do with our blog? A blog is connected to its author. The more the efforts the more the positive results. We need a steady mind to achieve success. Most of the bloggers today follow a wrong approach. In doing this they also mislead the other bloggers indirectly. You need to sit and think calmly. Just for a second close your eyes and just think what is that I want to achieve. Is it money or the fame that you want? Think hard and decide. There are two possibilities:

  • You have selected either Money or Fame.
  • You have selected both

For those who have chosen both as an achievement, let me tell you , YOU WILL ROCK THE WORLD ! It’s the perfect thought before working out a strategy for your blog.
Wondering what the problem with the first idea? If you think you can eat a banana without peeling its outer skin then you are right at your point. The thing is you can’t blog just for money nor for fame either. Just as a mobile is connected to its service provider the same is the connection between the two. Fame gives you money ! Also money gives you fame!! It will be disturbing you as a lot of thoughts will be going through your mind.

You can’t blog with an ambition to just earn money or fame. Both are related to each other and hence your ambition to do so will ultimately end up failing. The best way is to have a ambition to earn fame and money through hardwork and creativity!

Genie’s History

I will be very frank in this section of the article which deals in the ways to make XOLOHUB what it is today.We have discussed the factors that decide a successful blog.Keeping the same things in mind I will proceed with the article.
About the blog, I accidently came to know about blogger. That time it was a very new concept for me.The first article I wrote was about WWE download links. After that I completely forgot about blogger. After a month or so I received a mail from blogger to log in.When I logged I saw my blog had notched up 780 views. That sounded very exciting. I started blogging more , came to know about My blogger tricks. And as majority bloggers would say MBT sculpted me as a blogger. As experience grew I became a better blogger.

Experience is the gem received by the most worthy man 
                                                                                                        - Mahatma Gandhi 

Xolos Success Recipe 

As we read the factors that have to be considered to be a successful blogger , the same ingredients are used to make this reciepe.We will follow the same routine and will derive a conclusion at the end.

Generating Traffic 

Majority of my traffic was generated through YouTube videos.The videos were not professional as such but the were surely helpful.I used fastone capture to record my on screen movements.

-Guest Posts
I utilized the popular blog’s traffic by guest posting on their blogs.This helped me generate a considerable amount of traffic.I was confident that the visitors will be retained because of the quality of the content

-Seo Settings
I used meta contents and several seo settings.This helped me get my blog indexed.

-Submitted Sitemaps
I individually submitted sitemaps to all search engines.With time they started showing reveland searches.

With time google indexed my blog and was giving revelant searches.But this was took time.

-Social Promotions 
I used sites like facebook and twitter a lot to promote my posts.This really helped gather a lot of attention.

Earning Money

Use all the services below and see the outputs ! I bet they will tear your roof apart.And I seriously mean it.

CPM advertising  - Clicks Per Month 

It’s the best company when it comes to monetizing your blog. Serves you unlimited banners. No rules! Just use the banners. Minimum payout $1 for Paypal

Shorten your links and earn money.Minimum payout $5

Same as adf.ly.I use linkbucks now because adf is blocked in India now.

-Info Links
All in solution to earn money from text , images and videos
Sponsored Reviews

Get sponsors for writing posts for products on your blog.Money earned depends on the popularity of your blog.

CPC – Cost Per Click

-Publicity Clerk
A alternative to buy and sell ads. A lovely way to start selling advertising spaces.

-Advertising space
A more professional way of promoting your advertising spaces.

Increase Responses 
One of the most important factor is the number of comments the blog receives.Personally I crave for comments as I like to read the reviews that I receive from my readers.Also page rank is dependent on comments.So comments are an integral part of any blog.Relating number comments to blogs success is very easy.

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