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Things To Do Before Publishing A Guest Post

As a guest author, guest posting plays a vital role, it is one among the best way to improve one's blog traffic by building backlinks. As a blog author, by accepting guest posts, it will help him to keep his blog fresh and also improve his blog traffic. But, as we all know, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, most of the blog authors as well as bloggers are accepting guest posts blindly without even ensuring the accuracy of the postings. They just want to publish a guest post within no time.

Ah! I have published my blog new guest post!

Remember, those days are gone where guest authors work hard to make a genuine article. But I'm not judging everyone to be the same, there are many good guest authors existing in the blogosphere who are well determined and dedicated to provide genuine article. This way they aim on improving their blog traffic by submitting it to high PR blogs. Whatever, there is a no place without evils. Today here I am going to warn my pretty bloggers about the vultures that comes to you acting as a guest author and make your blog a total mess.

Yeah, I am talking about the real enemy that every blogger may face in his blogging career. This enemy will mostly wear the cloth of a guest author and will fool those poor bloggers by providing fake, copied and poor quality posts. In these days most of the bloggers, even professional bloggers are getting fooled by these evil guest authors.

Damn! How I was fooled by guest author!
The main weapon that these enemy use is some sort of tricks that may make you believe his post to be true and to get their article published. One among that nasty trick is the 'article rewriting tools'. If the blog owner approved these kind of articles, then it will affect his blog SEO (search engine optimization) and may ruin his blog and finally it will lead to the end of his blogging career.  So, do not let your blog ruined, by publishing the guest posts blindly. Here are some things to do before you publish a guest post on your blog.

1. Check Originality Of The Article

After receiving a guest post, the most important thing that you need to do is, make sure that the content / article is unique. Because search engines hate duplicate content and it may lead your blog to be removed from Google Ranking. To check whether a particular content is unique or not, visit copyscape or plagtracker.

2. Proof Reading The Article

Mistake always happens, even for professionals. So, before publishing a guest post, it is highly recommended for you to read it and thoroughly look into the grammar and make sure that there is no mistakes. Let me remember you, without patience this is not possible, so be patient while reading. :)

3. Remove unwanted links

Most of the guest posts include unwanted links like sponsor pages, sale page, promotion pages, affiliate products etc. So, remove these kind of links to keep the post quality. You may discourage such kind of publishers by not accepting their posts in your blog.

4. Interlink Related Post In The Article

Interlinking is a great way to attract readers to both new and old content/articles on your blog. Moreover, the interlinking related article has more chance to get clicks from readers. 

For example, now my article is about "Guest posting". If I had linked an article something like this "How to do guest blogging correctly" then reader surely click and read because it is a related article to my current one. This will help you to get some pageviews without promoting that post separately.

5. Include Relevant Images In The Article

Images has the major role in making an article attractive and catchy. So, always add some relevant images in the guest posts.

6. Make SEO Friendly Permalink

To optimize your content/article for search engines, it is recommended that you must need to make your article permalink SEO friendly. To make your article permalink SEO friendly, include the same character of the content topic.

For example, my article is about "10 tips to increase your blog traffic" then the SEO friendly permalink should be look like this Most of the Wordpress users using short numbered permalinks like this, which are not SEO friendly permalinks. So, if you're one among them, change the format of permalink to improve your blog SEO.

Final Words

So, I hope you understand, what you need to before publishing an article. Let me know your valuable feedbacks about this article and also share this article. :)

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