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8 Quick Secrets To Writing Faster Blog Posts

A blogger will always be known for his content.Design and some other things do make an impact but are only considered if the content is upto the mark.Blogger's often go for quantity and forget about quantity.But what if i was to tell that there are 8 ways with which you can club quality with quantity.Believe me they do work.These practices will make sure you rock the content quality and the readers will be keen to see your next post.So here we go !

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8 Secrets To Writing Faster Blog Posts

  • Assign a deadline and stick to it 
Work expands to the time allotted to it.Imagine a national newspaper rings you and tells you to deliver them a content in just an hour.Can you supply it ? Hell yeah ! 
  • Create a Calender 
Schedule when content is to be written and delivered.This will ensure you have sufficient time to plan your day and be able to give time to your posts.
  • Keep a Topic List
It is harder to start with a blank page.So why not start with a topics list.Think over and you will get your inspiration.
  • Remove All Distractions 
Close your door ,turn off your mobile phone ,shut down email and tell colleagues that you are busy for half an hour.This will make sure you only concentrate on your content quality.
  • Start At The End 
Whats the key thing you want to tell your reader.Start by writing the walk away point.
  • Write , Don't Edit
Don't think about typos and errors.Just let the content flow
  • Keep The Flow
Don't look up to check for facts midway.Shut down your research and concentrate in writing.
  • You are Story Telling
Once you are done with your post , read aloud your post.This helps you find mistakes quicker.

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