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Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand

Are you looking for the best Smartphone available in the market? Yes, it is bit confusing to choose the right device, when many Smartphones are launching day by day. Even Samsung had launched many Smartphones within few months. This article will give you complete comparison between Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Grand, with a detailed comparison on their specifications and features.

The year 2013 has witnessed many 5-inch as well as much larger screen-sized Smartphone in the market. This is due to the fond of consumers towards larger screens and thinner Smartphones. By realizing this fact, Samsung had even launched two Smartphones with giant screens and named it as Galaxy Mega 5.8 sporting a 5.8-inch display and Galaxy Mega 6.3 sporting 6.3-inch display. Let us now get to the actual part of this article and take a closer look into the Comparison between Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Grand.

Design and Built Quality

When the screen size and dimensions of both these devices are being compared, Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 has got comparatively higher dimensions featuring 162.6 x 82.4 x 9.0 mm.
On the other hand, Galaxy Grand delivers 143.5 x 76.9 x 9.6 mm as its dimensions. Here when reviewed we can clearly find out that Galaxy Mega 5.8 has not only got higher screen size but also is 0.6 mm thinner than Galaxy Grand. Whereas the devices weighs 182g and 162g respectively for Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Grand. Here Grand has been come out successive with less weight. But there is not much difference between their weights and as many other manufacturers release their over-weight Smartphones for the consumers, both these devices are just fine.


As we all know there is a huge difference between the screen-size of both these handsets. When Galaxy Mega 5.8 comes with a giant screen-size of 5.8-inch, Galaxy Grand features only a 5-inch Screen. 
While talking about their displays, both of them comes out of the box with LCD display with multi-touch capacitive touchscreen. While comparing the features of their display, Galaxy Mega 5.8 has got slightly higher screen resolution of 960x540 pixels delivering pixel density of 189 ppi, Whereas Galaxy Grand has 186 ppi of pixel density with only 800x480 pixels of screen resolution, which is pretty much unimpressive. But compared to various other Smartphones coming out with 5-inch screens and featuring either HD display or full HD 1080p display, both the devices are too far away from them.

Processor and Memory

A device's performance can be only compared after knowing the processors powered within them. When comes to Galaxy Mega 5.8, it has got a dual-core processor running at 1.4 GHz along with a 1.5 GB of RAM to deliver smoother performance. On the other hand, Galaxy Grand has got a similar processor powered by Cortex-A9 and runs at a speed of 1.2 GHz. The RAM delivered with Galaxy Grand is only 1GB. Here when compared, it has been known that Galaxy Mega 5.8 is the device that comes with better processor than Galaxy Grand and the RAM delivered is also higher in case of Galaxy Mega 5.8. But when compared with many other Smartphones launching these days, a dual-core powered device is not a big news as this is a year that had witnessed many quad-core processors and even an octa-core powered processor from Galaxy S4. 

OS and Interface

Operating System is yet another feature that a costumer always look for. These days since the latest version of Android have better features and more stability, everyone loves to have the latest available software within their device. In such a circumstance, Galaxy Mega 5.8 is the one with the latest Android version currently available on the market; Jelly Bean 4.2.2. 
As Samsung always give higher preferences for the software pre-installed on their Smartphones, Galaxy Mega 5.8 has got the latest version of Android as it has been launch after the release of Jelly Bean 4.2.2. While Galaxy Grand still holds the former Android version 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and there is a hope that Samsung will provide an update soon for it. TouchWiz UI being Samsung's own interface, it is being running on both of these device. Therefore the interface delivered within these devices are pretty much same apart from some changes in Galaxy Mega 5.8 due to the latest Android version installed in it.


Camera is an important field to discuss, where competition strengthens and comparisons become tougher. Since the consumers always gives much priority for the Camera, almost all the manufacturers try their best to deliver better camera. While comparing these devices we can see that Galaxy Mega 5.8 as well the Galaxy Grand comes with an 8 MP primary camera that has been equipped with an LED flash. 
The camera features of these devices even delivers various common features including autofocus, face detection, geo-tagging, smile detection etc. Even both of these devices are capable of recording videos at full HD (1080p). While some advanced features are being added within Galaxy Mega 5.8 that makes the device perfect for HDR mode, continuous mode and several other impressive camera features. Even the camera interface of Galaxy Mega 5.8 is much more better and effective when compared to that of Galaxy Grand. This makes Galaxy Mega 5.8 more efficient in this field too. Whereas the front facing camera for both the devices features 2MP and 1.9MP respectively for Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Mega 5.8.

Storage and Battery Capacity

Here in this field, both the devices comes with 8GB of internal storage along with a storage expansion that can be expanded up to 64 GB by means of microSD cards. When most of the manufacturers make limited storage for their Smartphones by excluding a microSD card Slot, Samsung does not frustrates its users like that. So if you found the internal storage is not just enough for your use, then you can always expand your storage using a microSD card.

While talking about the battery powered under the hoods of these devices, Galaxy Mega 5.8 owns a higher capacity battery featuring Li-Ion 2600 mAh that can keep the device awake for good amount of hours. Even though Galaxy Grand has a lower capacity Li-Ion 2100 mAh battery, it too can give good hours of standby time as that of Galaxy Mega 5.8, due to the lower screen size and processor of Galaxy Grand. 

The Verdict

It has been proven that Galaxy Mega 5.8 is the winner in most of the fields compared, except from 'Battery and Storage' in which both the devices were even. Galaxy Mega 5.8 is more recommended for those who love higher screen-size. Also it has got many features along with the latest running software. Even though Galaxy Grand has come last in most of the fields, it does not make it any cheaper. Galaxy Grand had lost in many fields due to the lack one or two features that does not even affect its performance. Compared to Galaxy Mega 5.8, Galaxy Grand features a dual-SIM capability. So if you don't mind about higher screen-size and if you can wait a bit more to experience the taste of latest Android version, Galaxy Grand is the that worth buying, especially for those looking for dual-SIM Smartphone.

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