Tuesday, 5 November 2013

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How To Make Android Smartphone Look Like iOS7?

Are you looking for the best ways to get iOS7 on your Android Smartphone? Do you like to make your Android device feel like iOS7? Then here is some great tips for you. Read this article and you will get to know the tips that can turn your Android to iOS7.

You all must have heard about iOS7 being rolling out for Apple iPhone 5. Most of you even may have gone through the various additional features that takes the iPhone to next level of user interface. Many of the android users raised their voice that the new iOS7 is a clone made from Android but with many unique features. But whatever it may be, in one way or other some among the Android users are jealous about iOS7. Today with my help you can really bring your jealous down and shine in front of your iPhone friends with iOS7 within your Android Smartphone.

iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD

This is a really impressive app from Google Play Store. The lockscreen looks amazing and even delivers more attractive features. Apart from offering a fabulous lockscreen, this app even allows to secure your device with a pin. iOS 7 wallpapers available within this app is yet another speciality. Moreover you can even launch your built-in device apps right away from the lockscreen. In addition to these features, it will never consumes large amount of battery and memory like many of the lockscreen out there do. This is one among the best iOS 7 lockscreen available within Android market.

iOS 7 Launcher

Having only.an iOS 7 lockscreen will not make your Android device feel exactly as an iPhone running iOS 7. This app right here will add further look and feel of iOS 7 within your Android device. iOS 7 is the complete and perfect launcher for you, if you are looking to make your device feel like iOS7.  Apart from being an attractive launcher, it do delivers pixel perfect icons which are really beautiful. All your apps are able to launch through this app. Yet another feature of this launcher is the multiple screen size support. The unique design developed by them are really impressive. Download it right away and make your device look like iOS7.

iOS 7 Calculator

Finally here is a real iOS 7 Calculator. If the above two apps are not just enough, then try adding yet another app that is specially developed for iOS fans. The calculator here not only allows you to do the basic operations, but also has been themed with a look and feel of iOS 7. The addition of backspace button which lacks in the original iOS 7 calculator for iPhone, makes this app even more amazing.

iOS 7 Keyboard

Not only the launcher or calculator can be made into the feel of iOS 7, you can even customize your Android device further deeply so as to completely get a feeling of iOS7. Therefore here is the last app in this list which is the iOS 7 Keyboard. The original iOS 7 layout within this, makes your Android device feel like iOS7 even when you are typing. While typing you will be able to get suggestions like many of the Android keyboards do. In addition to that, there is also English dictionary for correctly inputting. Auto correction is yet another great feature of this app. Even though the app is priced at Rs 199, it will deliver you what you are expecting.

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